Your future, reinvented!

Who we are

ABC London Group provides premium consulting and HR services. We specialize in the IT, medical, aviation and highly qualified workers market but this is not our only area of activity.

Our focus is on employee loyalty and reduction of retention.

We protect those who are precious!

Our vision

Our vision is to build a loyalty culture in a dynamic IT employee`s market.

Unusual benefits package help to convince your employees to keep working with you.

Employees and their knowledge remain in the company.

For Employers

How we do it!

(5 years of working to have retirement for life)
A premium car every 12 months new
Familia Concierge
Sport Package
Medical Package
Life Insurance

Retirement Plan

5 years of working to have retirement for life.
Amount of pension is configurable per employee.

Benefits that keeps your employee loyal

Familia Concierge
Premium retirement plan
Life insurance
+ many more

Yes, we are saying a Car

Every 12 months NEW
With full insurance and service

Mercedes, Audi, VW … what ever your employee needs to keep him with you

New Car every 12 months?

Show your employee that he is so precious that you are giving him new car

Without any additional fees for your company!

For Employees

Are you in negotiations with a new employer or thinking about changing your job?

Or maybe you want to secure your future!

Do you work and earn more than 500 PLN / 100 GBP per day?

Do you prefer Contracting? Or you want stay on FTE?

Do you have a car lease?

Do you have a family?

Do you buy private medical care for your family?

Do you have life insurance?

Are you thinking about your retirement and the financial security of your loved ones?

If YES, contact us! We can help you optimize all your costs and secure your future!